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Susana Elena is a solo Spanish classical and flamenco dancer who performs to recorded music.  She has studied with flamenco artists Concha Vargas, Irene Carrasco, Juan Antonio Tejero, Farruquito, Carmelilla Montoya, Angelita Gomez, Luis Pena, Juana Amaya, Manuela Carrasco, Jose Galvan, Javier Heredia,
Leilah Broukhim, Maria Torres, Lidòn Patiño, Carmen Ledesma, and Luis de la Tota in Spain (Madrid at Amor de Dios Studio, Sevilla, and Jerez de la Frontera), California and New York.  Susana Elena continues to attend weekly ballet and flamenco classes in Los Angeles because one never stops learning. 

Susana is the recipient of a certificate from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission that qualifies her to teach and perform Standards-based school assemblies and four-week workshops in K-12 grade schools.  Her school program, Ecos de España, is listed on the Arts Commission's Website in the “Arts For All, Programs for Students" directory.

School Programs:
See Ecos de España School Program  In order to better meet VAPA Standard requirements the school assembly program includes two additional  performers, a classical Spanish guitarist and a Spanish classical/flamenco male dancer.  Workshops are available as well.

Community and Family Programs: Since 2007 Susana has created and implemented fun, educational programs for ages 6 through adult.  Depending on a client's budget and needs they can be presented as either a solo dance performance, or as a duo that includes a solo classical guitarist, or as a trio that includes the guitarist and a male Spanish classical/flamenco dancer.  All programs can be targeted exclusively towards children 6+ years, exclusively for adults, or for families of all ages.  Description: Susana performs three to four dances that include brief introductions.  The dances showcase a variety of flamenco rhythms (palos), some of which can include Garrotin, Guajira and Seguiriya.  Different props such as a Cordobese hat, a Spanish fan and a Spanish manton (shawl) are used within the choreographies.  Children's and family shows include various ways children can participate, and end with an invitation to join the performer(s) onstage for a simple tango-flamenco danced with scarves.  If time permits after the show, adults and children alike are offered an introductory lesson in how to play the castanets.  When the solo classical guitarist is included, he presents a selection of the timeless compositions created for the Spanish guitar, such as "Asturias," by Isaac Alb
éniz.  Even young children are spellbound by Spanish classical music, as well as by seeing up close the techniques required to master it.  When the male dancer is included, the audience has an opportunity to fully appreciate the distinctive masculine strength, technique, energy and style inherent in Spanish dance.                

Macrobiotics America Steps to Health Intensive, Certification of Completion, March 2011
Gyrotonic Pre-training Foundation Course, May 2015

Target Corporation for a 2012 grant providing two school assembly programs to underserved schools in East Los Angeles.
U.S. Bank for their continued support of Ecos de España's school program through grants in 2014, 2015, 2016.
The City of West Hollywood for funding Ecos de España's school assembly program at West Hollywood Elementary School, 2016.
The City of Santa Fe Springs/Heritage Artwork in Public Places for a 2016 grant to fund Ecos de España's school assembly at Jersey Ave Elementary
The Arts Council of Long Beach for funding Ecos de España's program at the Long Beach Main Library, 2016.
Stratos Wealth Partners: Thank you Harry & Grant Butson, the best ever financial planners and managers, for funding two schools in 2016.

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO: Julie McLeod and her worthwhile nonprofit organization, ART WITHOUT LIMITS
for her nurturing support and guidance to all artists.

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